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Jan 10, 2013 6:30pm PST
venezuela, hugo chávez colmaron las calles de caracas, para respaldar el comienzo del tercer gobierno de chávez, sin chávez. >>> somos 8 millones y medio de chávez que nos vamos ajuramentar. >>> ausente desde hace más de un mes en la habana, donde está convalciente, chávez estuvo presente en gorros, en figuras, su mirada presente en las miles de gargantas que gritaban. >>> miles de sus seguidores vinieron a gritar por el comandante convaleciente, después que los tribunales dijeran que puede hacerlo después, varios mandatarios y representantes de gobiernos de latinoamérica también participaron en respaldo al presidente chávez. >>> hay un hombre que está dando la batalla por la vida, pero si mañana no está, chávez no es patrimonio solamente de venezuela chávez pertenece a la argentina, a ecuador, a paraguay, al caribe y a toda latinoamérica. >>> aviones militares cruzaron el cielo e interrumpían los discursos, la euforia de miles estaba al máximo, comienza así el tercer período del gobierno de un chávez ausente. >>> le decimos al comandante chávez, comandante, recupérese
Jan 31, 2013 7:00am EST
a un auto que quedó sumergido. >>> en atlanta las calles quedaron convertidas en ríos caudalosos. >>> equipos especiales trabajaban para reestablecer el servicio de energía eléctrica. >>> al menos 2 docenas de tornados fueron reportados en el sur y medio oeste. >>> maría eugenia payán, qué dicen los meteorólogos de qué puede pasar hoy. >>> se sienten los efectos de mal tiempo con tormentas severas e inundaciones, mucha precaución. >>> también atención a la información de stephanie severino, gracias maría eugenia payán ♪. >>> el panorama ya es más claro en la lucha por una reforma migratoria integral el presidente barack obama dijo que es el momento para lograrla, algunos legisladores en el senado y cámara de representantes se muestran accesibles al cambio, pero muchos quieren saber cuándo podrán salir a trabajar sin ser detenidos, en su entrevista con el presidente barack obama, maría elena salinas se lo preguntó. >>>e n su discurso usted dijo que si el congreso no actúa en un tiempo razonable sobre inmigración, usted enviará su propio proyecto de ley, qu
Jan 30, 2013 9:00am PST
to terrorists, it does not extend to criminals, and it does not extend to the mentally ill. >> while wayne lapierre struck a posture less combative than previous press conferences, his views remain questionable, calling for an immediate blanket of security at schools, lapierre dismissed universal background checks, saying criminals would never submit to them. chairman leahy pressed lapierre on background checks and whether and how the nra head had changed his mind on closing gun show loopholes. >> should we have mandatory background checks at gun shows for sales of weapons? >> if you're a dealer, that's already a law. >> that's not my question, please, mr. lapierre, i'm not trying to play games here, but if you could, it would help, just answer my question. >> senator, i do not believe the way the law is working now, unfortunately, that it does any good to extend the law to private sales between hobbyists and collectors. >> so, you do not support mandatory background checks at all in instances at gun shows? >> we do not, because the fact is, the law right now is a failure the way it's working
Jan 30, 2013 6:00am PST
will appear on the panel several weeks after they will launch an official lobbying effort called americans for responsible solutions. their group again reminded congress last night on their facebook page that after a string of mass shootings, that congress has failed to act on guns. also taking on lapierre today will be california senator dianne feinstein who has called the nra venal and repeated her criticism yesterday. >> they have fought virtually every kind of regulation. the time has come to change course. >> but her new assault weapons ban faces long odds in the senate and though she said she believes the democratic votes are there for it, even the committee's chairman patrick leahy who voted for the 1994 version of the ban has declined to endorse it this time around. >> the assault weapon ban, did it work? we ought to ask that question. you know, i'm not looking for something that's symbolic. i'm looking for something that makes people safer. >> and then there's senate majority leader harry reid who clearly decided not to endorse it again yesterday. >> she believes in it fervently.
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Jan 4, 2013 10:00pm PST
luring tourists to southern california. a very kind of tourism industry springing up in los angeles so-called maternity hotels are attracting pregnant women from asia. the l.a. times reporting that the women are travelling to the united states and staying in these hotels until they give birth. why? from the inland valley daily bulletin joins us, good evening and tell me why are they travelling to the maternity hotels? >> good evening, hello, greta. happy new year. >> greta: happy new year. >> thank you. well, these pregnant women who are mostly wealthy women are coming to the united states on temporary visas and they are coming here with the intention of having their child on american soil. and according to the 14th amendment, children who are born on american soil are granted automatic citizenship and are therefore allowed to have benefits when they he have that citizenship. so what these women-- go ahead, i'm sorry. >> greta: i was going to say i went through the articles and and i assume in the chinese dialect and it seems like pretty overt in advertising. this is no bi
Jan 30, 2013 5:30pm PST
did. but god called him home. >> reporter: he was shirley chambers last surviving child. a big brother, carlos, was shot to death in 1995, at age 18. his little sister, la toya, then 15, and his older brother, jerome, 23, were killed in separate shootings in 2000. at the funeral home, she picked out a casket. >> it was one with the four little doves. like god just sent me -- like this is the one. they all four -- four of them. >> back together again. >> yes, yes. all together again. >> reporter: she wants to see tougher gun laws. >> it's too much. i don't want no mother, no father, nobody to have to go through what i went through. >> reporter: a mother who has lost all her children, now focused on protecting the children of others. john yang, nbc news, chicago. >>> on another front, our weather remains in the news tonight. what we're witnessing is florida-style warm air banging up against winter in the north and it is a violent collision all along that line. the line is so distinct, it's visible from space. and the map shows the damage done. the blue icons here, reports of high winds.
Jan 29, 2013 7:00pm PST
. >> it wouldn't be a quick process, but will be a fair process. >> the so-called embrace of immigration reform, but not so fast. >> why are we doing this? the president is in las vegas today. >> back in las vegas. >> he imposes enforcement. >> i believe we need to stay focused on enforcement. >> democrats are not interested in border security. >> that means to continue to strengthen the border security. members of the parties are working on a solution. >> where is the common ground? i don't see it. >> the path to citizenship is a long and arduous one. >> we have to enact a comprehensive immigration reform. >> we are committed to a comprehensive approach. >> i think we're all out there alone folks. >> the question is now simple. do we have the resolve? i believe that we do. i believe that we do. >> president obama went to a high school today in what used to be mexico, las vegas, nevada, to urge congress to overhaul the immigration system. >> today i'm laying out my ideas for immigration reform. and my hope is that this provides some key markers to members of congress as they craft a bill. becau
Jan 11, 2013 7:00am EST
from the hospital. but cbs news has learned that pittsburgh v.a. called a consultant more than a year ago to look into the problem. the company lick liquitech. after an inspection they noted an e-mail, quote, they have leej any la and systems not being properly maintained. four months later the pittsburgh v.a. called enrich incorporated. kneel silverberg is the president and ceo. >> did they tell you they suspected a legionnaires' outbreak? >> absolutely not. it's not maintained. it's not monitored. there are failures. >> reporter: pittsburgh v.a. officials declined interviews but said in a statement the facility has worked to perform a plan. test results show that remediation has been successful. the attorney general is now investigating whether pittsburgh v.a. took the appropriate action to prevent the outbreak. ciarolla says she's still getting over the guilt she felt after pittsburgh v.a. officials felt she might have caught the disease at home. >> this must have been an incredible burden for you. >> for a year and a half. i would say every once in a while if we hadn't taken him o
Jan 29, 2013 12:00pm EST
legislation, added a president obama will outline his plans during a speech in las vegas. he will be speaking at 2:55 p.m. eastern and southern las vegas. you can watch live coverage on our companion network c-span, followed by your phone calls. >> one can't count the times americans say that we are the best country in the world. what a marvelous list of things. of all the countries, everybody thinks this country is pretty good. why do we have to believe that we are the best? what does that mean? and why do we have to a circuit, all of the time? and what does it mean to other people who consume it? american products go around the world, information products go around the world. so you're served by people from every corner of the world. and we teach them not to like us. gratuitously. >> activist and trans-africa founder randall robinson taking your calls, e-mails, facebook comments and tweets. in depth three hours live sunday at noon eastern on booktv on c-span2. >> all of us work hard for causes way before we got to the white house. the white house just was an enormous push up your i think th
Jan 30, 2013 3:00pm PST
the congress with calls and letters and emails, and if congress doesn't at we're going to change congress in two years but it's outrageous when you see wayne lapierre say arming schools is the solution. the nra leadership speaks for one entity and that is the unrestricted, unregulated gun industry, the smith ands we sons, the bushmasters. they do not even speak for their own membership. because when their own membership are polled 75% of gun owners in the nra support background checks -- >> jennifer: so why aren't you creating a group of moderate gun owners who are willing to push this. we need gun owners who are willing to stand up against the nra who is espousing that it is the voice for all rational gun owners? >> well, we have done exactly that. we proved that worked in missouri. we helped claire mccaskill get elected on exactly this platform. i met at the white house with members of national conservation and sportsman groups. they don't have a problem with background tracks or a ban on high-capacity ammunition clips which are used in all of the mass shootings,
Jan 30, 2013 7:00am PST
of the story at 7:30. >>> an alarming wakeup call to a family in san jose. they woke up to flames. janine de la vega is live at the scene. you say police think this is deliberate. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning. this is an upper middle-class neighborhood with homes well over a million dollars. for some reason or another, the home right here has been targeted. here you can see yellow paint. this was from an earlier incident. the latest one happened this morning. here you can see in the entryway of this house, it's all black as well as the door. there's smoke damage there. that's because it was lit on fire. police and firefighters came to glenwood avenue at around -- at around 3:00 this morning. they say the husband, wife and adult daughter herd a commotion. they walked out to find their front door was on fire. the homeowner was able to put it out before firefighters arrived. he told us that the morning before his daughter's ford focus was vandalized. the person who did this, apparently they left the screwdriver behind. the homeowner is completely rattled. he didn't want to be id
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Jan 11, 2013 1:00am PST
, right? >> right. and immediately you are called a racist because it just so happens most illegal immigrants crossing that border happen to be hispanic. >> bill: all right. so you were in the middle of that. and la raza was after you? >> media matters. center for poverty, the southern poverty law center without hint of conscious attacking and offering baseless charges just because they want to pursue ideological goal that was in opposition. >> bill: they also wanted to send a message to other people you better not take dobbs' stance or we are going to get you like we are trying to get dobbs. >> the politics of personal destruction have overtaken the country, particularly the ideological left. >> bill: so now we do a report that says the authorities in new york state know that some people using these cards in strip clubs, liquor stores and this and that we report it it, you are picking on the poor. you hate the poor, da'da da'da da'da da'da. rather than saying gee, that's wrong, there should be a law against it and how big is the problem? that's exactly right. these electronic bene
Jan 29, 2013 1:00pm PST
to these weapons. my view is, everybody is entitled to be safe. >> reporter: she called the nra veen nal but insists it's not personal with lapierre. >> he wants one thing, i want an entirely different thing. he's there for gun people, to allow them to have these guns regardless. they are fought virtually every kind of regulation. the time has come to change course. >> reporter: and when it comes to legislation, feinstein isn't only going to have to convince republicans. one of the interesting dynamics on this committee that is holding this hearing tomorrow is that the democratic chairman, wolf, pat leahy, is a supporter of gun rights. feinstein is concerned that the witness list is too skewed towards proponents of gun owners. >> so what you're saying is little dispute going on between dianne feinstein and patrick leahy, they are both democrats and on the liberal side of the democratic party but when it comes to gun rights, they disagree? >> reporter: that's right. they do disagree. i tried to interview patrick leahy. he said to watch the hearing tomorrow. he's known as la liberal but on
Jan 4, 2013 9:00am EST
anything. there is no blood oath. it is that is who i am going to be meeting with. but i am going to call it as i see it. host: senator angus king, justin is on the phone, las vegas. caller: can you support in remarks as a way to get congressman to talk to each other again -- earmarks as a way to get congressmen to talk to each other again? guest: earmarks and corker are in the same category. -- pork are in teh samhe same category. the idea of these tiny things going into a larger appropriations bill that nobody knows about or sees i do not think is a good idea. i think this process should be opened. there should be a justification for it. it should be part of an open process. the second part of your question, getting congressman to talk to each other is really important. one of the problems here -- i did not know if you're watching earlier, but i mentioned that i work here almost 40 years ago -- is relationships. one of the things that has changed is that the airline service is so much better, everyone goes home for the weekend. families are back home. the relationships are not built. th
Jan 30, 2013 3:00am PST
in las vegas yesterday outlining his proposals on immigration reform which really track pretty closely what the gang of 8, so-called for democratic senators and four republican senators announced the day before. so where is all of this going? we have somebody here who has got as good insight as anybody. meredith shiner covers congress for roll call. you were talking about how tough a road it is for legislation okay gun violence. >> uh-huh. >> a little easier for immigration reform? >> maybe. >> maybe? >> i hate to be cynical on this but show me the last bill that a gang of senators has been able to write. like until this group of 8 finds legislative language, in my mind, all they really agree to is to hold a conference about how they would like to find. >> principles. >> there is some will on the republican party to do this. and i had a source tell me. i don't know if i buy this theory but we will see if it bears fruit but a lot of republicans would like to, to see marco rubio run in 2016 and they feel like getting behind him will help on that effort. wh
Jan 10, 2013 1:40am PST
. chilly and rainy in l.a. with highs in the 50s. near record warmth in florida. >>> when police in norfolk, virginia got a call about a baby lion on the loose, they first called the local zoo and discovered no lions were missing. this story is kind of funny. the culprit was this guy, charles the monarch. he's a labradoodle who was groomed to look like a lion. get it. >> and he looks like a lion. his owner calls him a labralion and says it's not the first time police have been called when he's walked his dog. people have even rushed for safety in their cars when he's walked charles in the park near the zoo. >> that must be deliberate. you know what he looks like. look at that thing. >> i don't know. if i saw him -- he's big! >> i would call them if i saw that. >> i would call or run. i think i would run. >> run first. >> look at him. he looks like a lion and the coloring is perfect. >> it really is. i get that. >> look at that. >> look at that. oh, weird story. again, the owner must know what he's doing. come on. he knows that looks like a lion. >> the owner groomed him to look like a lion
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Jan 11, 2013 6:00am PST
... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 call, click or visit to start banking with schwab bank today. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 bill: here now some breaking news. show you a live look, department of transportation. ray lahood just starting a statement on the boeing's dreamliner jet. this is 787. this comes after a string of incidents involving the popular and futureriesic airliner. apparently what lahood is talking about a comprehensive review of the 787 line. dan springer live in seattle, that is home of the commercial headquarters for boeing. the big question after numerous incidents, four or six by my count, are these planes safe to fly, dan? record. >> reporter: according to the "seattle times", quoting a source familiar with the investigation that will be launched here, there is nothing to say this isn't imminent safety issue for customers. this is that needs to be taken out of service for precaution. this will be a sweeping review of the 787 and will include the design and manufacturing of the planes's electrical system. while this is going on the dreamliner will continue to fly. there are 4
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)